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Lou Armstrong
September 30, 2023

How To Remove Oasis Player Ban?

Casinos Not On Oasis:- German Online Casinos will now officially have an OASIS player exclusion policy after releasing new legislation. Many players are trying to remove oasis players’ bans. Tell me the best approach? OASIS enrollment is easy and the players’ exits are far less clear. Is this an effective solution to reverse enrollment? There is currently no clear process to activate your Oasis enrollment after the minimum period expires.

Online casinos without oasis

Are there any online casinos for German players that do not use Oasis? The Oasis lock file and the player lock system it enables will be familiar to many gamers. However, in this piece, we will show you how to play at legitimate online casinos even if you no longer have access to Oasis. Further details on the mechanism for banning players, including how to unban yourself or have your account temporarily banned, as well as how to ban a third party, are provided.

What are exclusion periods and ban lifting procedures?

Oasis has a longer barring period than other self-exclusion systems. There is no provision in the GlüStV 2021 for rescinding a ban before the allotted period has passed. Your online gambling prohibition will be lifted at your request only when your exclusion term has ended. Self-exclusion periods can be as long as two years, while third-party exclusion periods must be at least a year.

As soon as the suspension term ends, the banned player is on his or her own to figure out what has to be done to have the ban lifted. In the past, tournament directors could lift bans on banned players at their own discretion. This is no longer true, and it’s important to know that. All players who have served their ban and desire to have it revoked after the new OASIS restrictions go into effect must make direct contact with the Darmstadt Regional Council.

Players who wish to have their bans lifted must submit a written request, together with a completed “application to lift a player ban” and a copy of government-issued photo identity, to the game’s administrators. Online bans are permanent; however, this may change in the future as new methods are researched and tested.

Staying up-to-date on the latest OASIS processes is essential, since the current state of affairs dictates that your ban will not be lifted unless you formally request and submit your application. Self-ban removal can take up to a month, but removal of a ban imposed by another party requires at least a month. You should take care not to make any typos in your application to have a suspension lifted, as doing so could cause you to have to wait longer than necessary. Let’s say you accidentally submit your application one day early.

Your application will be denied as soon as it is received, and you will need to submit it again. Once you have joined Oasis, there is currently no way out of this. The easiest approach to escape self-exclusion disappointment at the moment is to play at a different casino that does not share a licence with the Oasis self-exclusion programme.

Is it necessary to control the players?

Since the new state treaty took effect at the end of the year, more than 22,000 persons have signed the blocking register, according to the Darmstadt regional council. Nearly 120,000 individuals will have signed up by the end of 2021’s December.

It is quite clear that there is a pressing need for such rules and guidelines. More people would use Oasis-controlled online casinos if there weren’t so many other restrictions, such the €1 limit every gaming round, the removal of autosin and turbospin in slots, and the very unpleasant 5-second regulation.

Additionally, a significant part of players may no longer access their favourite table games like roulette, poker, and blackjack because they, along with live dealer games, have been phased out of German online casinos. This is one of the main draws for people to switch to online casinos that don’t require a lock file.

If a player is being blocked for being too rude in a German casino, they will just find another online casino that doesn’t use Oasis and sign up there. This leaves the door wide open for any gamer to enter as these service providers can’t access the lock files.

Therefore, it is debatable whether or not the lock file should have been included, and whether or not it is worthwhile to check each participant. How the German gaming scene reacts to the state prying into private concerns remains to be seen. Many German casino patrons are cancelling their accounts and looking for unrestricted, Oasis lock-file-free online gaming alternatives.

All gaming operators licenced to operate within Germany must now cooperate with the regulatory body, and consequently, Oasis. As the cost of dealing with lawbreakers is prohibitive, no legitimate online casino will ever open its doors to them. 

Is playing in casinos legal without the Oasis lock file?

Navigating the recent regulatory changes, Germany’s gaming supervisory body is still in a transitional phase as they strive towards steady operations. The much-anticipated German gaming law is yet to be consolidated and effectively implemented through the various tiers of the industry. Meanwhile, German gaming fanatics continue to enjoy the freedom of signing up with EU online casinos without the necessity of an Oasis lock file, relishing in the diversity of game providers from other corners of Europe.

Games like poker, roulette, baccarat, and blackjack, as well as others, may be found in the best casinos outside of Oasis. Without the lock file, these service providers can also provide progressive jackpots and live dealer casino games. For some time now, these have been banned in German-regulated online casinos.

As you can see, the non-Oasis providers have a lot more advantages than just the fact that they don’t require a master lock file. Playing at an online casino in any other European country is just as safe as at an online casino in Germany because they have all been regulated by reputable state authorities. The greatest standards of safety are also adhered to by non-Oasis casinos and they are subjected to regular audits.

The EU license is a boon for gaming enthusiasts who can easily sidestep the hassle of undergoing a potentially awkward video identification process to open an account, showcasing the superior convenience of online gaming platforms over their traditional land-based equivalents. Moreover, gaming enthusiasts can sigh in relief as the 5-second pause mandate by Online Casino Deutschland is archived, and the €1 cap per individual gaming spin is eradicated. You can bypass the new German regulatory stipulation demanding a five-minute break between gaming rounds at the Casino without Oasis after an hour of continuous play.

Without a player filtering system, these online casinos can continue to operate lawfully within the European Union, where citizens still have unrestricted access to any and all services. It also involves using a German-restricted casino website or one that does not require an Oasis to use their services.

Why are there still online casinos without Oasis?

Because of regulatory hurdles, many online gambling sites remain unregulated. Due to tight licensing regulations, many gambling services aren’t based in Germany. Online gaming hosts are not compelled to participate in the consolidated blacklist. Any operator who is not subject to German law and has not sought a licence from Germany is free to operate their games without the oversight of Oasis.

Online casinos that hold a valid licence from Curacao, Malta, or Gibraltar, for instance, are free to provide all of their games without the usage of an Oasis lock file. They have never heard of or seen anything such a centralised blocking system. However, foreign organisations seeking a German licence must adhere to German gaming law and screen their consumers for any existing bans.

The United Kingdom’s licenced gambling businesses have been required to use a system similar to GamStop, developed by the country’s government, since 2020. Online casinos operating within the United Kingdom are likewise required to join GamStop.

In the German lock file, it’s significantly harder to remove an entry and lift the lock. A player ban can be appealed in the UK after just 24 hours, whereas in Germany it takes a full week. You must wait one month before requesting cancellation if your request to play at Oasis was denied due to a third-party report. Further, in the United Kingdom, the only option for excluding oneself from gambling is to do so voluntarily, whereas in Germany, both the gambling establishments and outside parties (such as family members) can direct customers to be barred from participating.

Why do you play in these online casinos WITHOUT Oasis?

The Oasis player blocking system is a universal tool for casinos with a German licence, and as such, all customers must be submitted to identification verification and other forms of identification verification before they are allowed access to the casino floor. Using the player’s identifying information, the Oasis can determine whether or not the player is subject to any bans that may have been recorded in the central database.

This is enticing many people to try their luck at a casino that does not require an Oasis player lock file. In particular, because a foreign entry cannot prevent you from entering this country. Here, you’re on your own and free to make your own decisions, so act responsibly. To avoid governmental oversight and the possibility of being barred from playing, most providers besides Oasis have implemented a self-control option in the player area.

Most respectable online casinos do not require Oasis, but they do offer the option of self-banning at any time. The only thing you need to do is send a letter to the service and ask to be excluded, either temporarily or permanently. Unfortunately, this ban does not apply to all service providers, so you can still place wagers for real money at some arcades and online casinos. Self-blocking works exclusively with the service provider you specify.

Players are surprised by blocked accounts

With the proliferation of OASIS-registered casinos comes an upsurge in instances of players having their accounts disabled without their knowledge. Players who have been banned from traditional casinos are sometimes included in the OASIS lock file. Players who were previously banned from land-based casinos are also being denied access to internet gambling sites due to the new laws and regulations that went into effect in July 2021.

Users have had their accounts temporarily disabled since OASIS went live, with no reason or prior warning. If this occurs to you, it is advised that you first get in touch with the service provider’s customer care to verify or amend your registered information. It’s likely that not enough information was provided while registering at first. If you can’t fix the issue with the supplier, contact the Hesse Darmstadt Regional Council.

As OASIS is continually reviewed and modified, players should anticipate the introduction of additional rules and clauses in the near future. More advanced data processing and storage will be included in future versions of the system, as demonstrated by the Darmstadt Regional Council. The processes for lifting bans will probably be revised as well to take into consideration the addition of internet gambling to German gaming law.

Never Play Despite A Player Ban

Even if you were permanently banned from playing at all Oasis-affiliated casinos in all jurisdictions by the Oasis lock file, you could still sign up at another respectable online casino that does not use Oasis and keep on gambling. These services are unable to screen for gambling addiction since they do not employ OasisCheck.

In spite of being banned, it is strongly advised against continuing to play in online arcades without Oasis because player bans are always the result of the discovery of a certain addictive behaviour. You can take a self-test to see if you’re at risk for gambling addiction if you’re unsure. If you are struggling with a gambling addiction, you can obtain professional assistance there as well.

The ideal of self-reliance and complete autonomy has its drawbacks, however, as the deterioration of these qualities typically occurs slowly and the affected individuals either do not notice the indicators or refuse to admit they exist. Oasis Casinos excel in this aspect for a number of reasons. Any gambler who chooses to bypass the government’s oversight by visiting a casino that doesn’t require an Oasis player check should exercise extreme self-control and, ideally, establish their own limitations.

What about short-term exclusion?

The temporary self-exclusion option is much easier and involves far less involvement from the player. It’s an easy method to step away from your work for a few minutes if you feel like it. There must be a large, obvious button on every casino website. If you choose this option, you will be opting into a self-exclusion period when you are prohibited from using any online gaming sites for a period of 24 hours. Your gaming privileges will be reinstated automatically after the suspension term ends.

If you’re a gambler and you know you need to take a break, short-term exclusion is the least restrictive and most beneficial choice available to you. Having this choice permanently accessible to all players removes any drawbacks associated with OASIS participation. There is no chance that your account will be temporarily or permanently disabled without cause. You would sit out the temporary suspension and come back to play when you feel ready.

Does Oasis lock file affect creditworthiness?

Anyone with a poor Schufa record might be worried about the way things are currently being handled in Germany’s online gambling establishments. There has never been any impact from the Schufa on internet gambling. However, because of this, even players who already had financial obligations were able to register casino accounts and put their money to work there.

Given that casinos holding a DE licence are obligated to definitively establish the player identification, operators may eventually submit Schufa enquiries. Video-Ident is already in use in this setting. When Germany’s centralised regulating agency is fully operational, it’s likely that players will also be checked against the Schufa register to ensure they are in good standing. More people will be barred from gambling if this holds true. Consequently, more players will switch to casinos that don’t use Oasis, where they will have less restrictions.

What is Oasis?

It’s a centralised self-exclusion system in Germany, much like Gamstop and a few others across the world. This feature, part of the concept of “responsible gambling,” gives players with gambling addictions the option to self-exclude for a period of 24 hours to a year or more, or have their exclusion imposed by a third party.

Tell me the Oasis lock file?

The write-up has delivered a comprehensive overview of the significance of the lock file’s existence and the influential role of Oasis in internet-based gambling platforms.

Yet, here’s a swift review of the outcome:

  • The maximum monthly deposit amount is set at 1000 EUR.
  • On all casino games, the maximum stake per spin is 1 Euro.
  • A halt to the accrual of jackpots that become larger over time
  • The game was slowed down by certain rules, such as the five-second restriction.

In addition, a ban on any communications with third parties is possible under the conditions listed below.

  • A gambling addiction or predisposing factors put the affected gamer at
  • People are taking on too much debt.
  • The athlete is unable to fulfil his financial responsibilities.
  • The bettor takes chances out of proportion to his means.

It is also possible to block oneself:

  • When a player decides to self-exclude themselves, the suspension lasts for at least three months and cannot be terminated before then.

Oasis is the repository for these records.

  • Names, Birth Dates, and Family Names
  • Utilization of nom de guerres and other nom de aliases
  • Date of birth, place of birth, address, and photos
  • justification for the ban length of the ban
  • The reporting body


Some gamers can keep their gaming habits under control, but even they need a break every once in a while. When normal gaming habits are at risk of being disrupted due to things like stress, personal pressures, etc.

Given that the OASIS minimum ban lasts for three months, it can be problematic for these gamers. If you simply wish to take a few weeks off for precautionary purposes, you will be required to take a lengthy time-out in this instance.

This international ban system is set up so that concerned parties can report a player’s improper gaming activity and the player can be shielded from harm. The usage of external locks, however, is not without the risk of abuse. It’s possible, for instance, that irate relatives will restrict players for totally unrelated reasons just to ruin their experience.

Conclusion on the online casino without Oasis

Serious game offers unrestricted by the Oasis player file have several benefits over those governed by the German State Treaty on Gambling. The main advantage is that all games are available, from slots to roulette, and the player’s personal information is only visible to the operator.

Online casinos with or without Oasis and player checks are both viable options, but only you can decide which one is best for you. Truth be told, after being reviewed at the German casino (which will inevitably happen), you will be even more “visible” than you already are. However, it is for your own protection that the gaming sector in Germany is governed by law. But high rollers can never accept such a centralised lock file for player supervision. Only online casinos that do not use Oasis will have a decent chance of offering them in the future.

Casinos Not On Oasis: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Oasis work?

If you want to play a game that has real money as stakes, you have to verify your identity with the provider first. To do this, the VideoIdent method is currently widely used in German online casinos. All service providers must now use OasisCheck to cross-reference customer information with the master lock database. If a player is banned, they must be refused access. The safety of the players is ensured in this way. In addition, arcade owners now have peace of mind that minors are safe because they must inevitably verify patrons’ identities. Without Oasis, no other online casino comes close.

2. What are casinos without an OASIS game lock system?

The new German State Treaty on Gambling 2021 does not apply to online casinos that are regulated in a country other than Germany. If you’re looking for a service provider who doesn’t require an Oasis lock file, we’ve got you covered. All of them have been given a green light by the casino test and hold gambling licences from jurisdictions outside of Germany.

3. Who Uses Oasis?

All German gaming service providers are required to implement player blocking. Amusement arcades, video game libraries, casinos, betting shops, and, of course, online casinos all fall under this category. The Oasis banning file does not include any virtual arcades whose corporate headquarters are located in a different EU member state and which do not hold a gaming licence in Germany.

4. How long is a game suspended?

The answer to the question is entry-specific. A player’s self-ban will remain for at least three months if the player has blocked themselves. After 12 months, third-party blocks can be removed again. The prohibited player must submit a request for the ban to be lifted.

5. What exactly is the Oasis player ban system?

Reinforcing adherence to the new guidelines, gaming entities operating within Germany are mandated to integrate OASIS. This global game-blocking mechanism is illuminated in paragraph 8d. 1 GlüStV 2021. Player information amassed during the registration phase is promptly channeled into this centralized system for comparison and safekeeping. It serves as the official record for banned players to avoid any discrepancies. This robust system ensures a blocked gamer cannot proceed with the sign-up, effectively eliminating chances of duplicate registrations.

Author Lou Armstrong